Summary Table of Activities


Guidelines for the use of this Cultural Mediation Kit

Here is a tool that can help you when you address various topics related to Aboriginal peoples of Canada, more particularly with Aboriginal women. Several topics are addressed, such as prejudices, culture, bereavement, relations between men and women, etc. You will find several approaches, documented and detailed, as well as complementary tools that will enhance your activities.

Using the cultural mediation kit
Several research parameters are available to you. Either by age category, subject, or duration, you can quickly find ideas for activities that relate to your interventions. To do this, please consult the summary table of activities as well as the tools that may be used in conjunction with activity.

With this kit, we want to engage dialogue among people of different cultures and introduce you to our culture in a lively and contemporary manner. We hope that the use of this kit will spark an interest in your clientele on Aboriginal issues, missing and murdered women and girls, and our lives together.

If you would like further information, support regarding the use of this package or learn more about La Boîte Rouge VIF click on the About menu where you'll find our contact informations.

Summary Table of Activities

Subjects AddressedTarget AudienceDurationAudio/video
If I Were a Man – a WomanStereotypes, sexism, communication, involvement in solutions, compassion10-9930 minyes
She Has a Name
Traditional art, intergenerational transmission, missing and murdered Aboriginal women, compassion10-991 h 30yes
Memory CardCompassion, mobilization, dialogue, missing and murdered Aboriginal women14-9930 minno
The FarewellMourning, letting go, resilience, stages of life14-9930 minyes
Same, DifferentCultural similarities and differences, contemporary realities of Aboriginal people, material art8-1630 minno
CommitmentMobilization, introspection, decision-making14-9930 minyes
DowntimeImmersion, storytelling, contemporary culture, fun, humour10-99yes
Holy WomenCreation, art, tribute, imagination, nature14-991 hyes

Complimentary Activities

Subjects AddressedTarget AudienceDurationAudio Video
Quizz About Myths and Realities on Aboriginal PeoplesContemporary realities of Aboriginal peoples of Canada15-9930 minno
Activity on Stereotypes and PrejudicesActivity on comprehension10-1645 minno
The Spectrum of PowerOppression, power, discrimination14-9915 minno
Loretta's story15-99-no
List of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls15-99-no