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Do you know that we have a common goal? We live on the same planet, we have the responsibility to be mindful of this planet. Can we get along, can we work together, can we rally to work together and do it peacefully? Our people have been here for thousand years and we want to be here for millennia to come.

Viviane Michel, Innue


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is a cultural mediation package which seeks to develop a dialogue and social awareness regarding the status of forgotten and missing Aboriginal women and girls. Using the arts and creation as mediums of exchange, the activities, tools and supplements offered are accessible to everyone and are intended for popular, cultural and social education.

Cultural contributors, educational institutions, museums, arts centers, socio-cultural groups, whether you are aboriginal or allochthonous, you will surely find an activity that suits you and your groups!

Many themes are at your fingertips: stereotypes, sexism, communication, traditional arts and crafts, citizen mobilization, mourning, cultural similarities and differences, resilience, violence and many others.

Discover, experience and share!

The Boîte Rouge VIF and its many partners are proud to offer you this resource of which you will certainly make good use.

We will come to the table with the intention of finding solutions that are good for everyone. We want to work with people who are respectful and we will be respectful as well. We may have disagreements, but we will respect each other and we will talk with each other and be honest and we will find a very good solution for everyone.

Gilbert Whiteduck, Anishinabe (Algonquin)



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Notes on the quotations provided:

Notes on the quotations provided: The statements presented are solely the opinion of the person or persons who expressed them. They do not represent the viewpoints of the Band Councils, Tribal Councils, Museums of Civilization, La Boîte Rouge VIF, or any other Aboriginal or Non-native organization or institution. Any use of these contents for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

These testimonies are taken from the book Voices, Faces, Landscapes. The First Peoples and the 21st Century. In 2009, La Boîte Rouge VIF was invited by the Musée de la civilisation to participate in the development of its future permanent exhibition entitled “This is our Story: First Nations and Inuit in the 21st Century“, which opened in 2013. The mandate was to develop a collaborative work method with First Nations and Inuit to highlight the values and knowledge to be retained and passed on to future generations. La Boîte Rouge VIF made consultations with the eleven Indigenous Nations of Québec. Six months were devoted to defining approaches, the consultation program and the ethical framework, two years for the consultation tour (2010–2012), and another year for collaborative creation (2013).