A tale of Aboriginal nature, to address contemporary culture and traditional oral transmission methods. Introductory activity.

Address contemporary culture and its new ways of transmission in a playful manner.


  • Immersion, awareness, reflection on the different realities within the same territory.
  • Introduction to the realities of today's Aboriginal women, become acquainted with the theme.
  • Integrate new knowledge regarding the cultures of First Nations in a contemporary manner through storytelling.


Target Audience

All Audience


10 minutes for the video, 30 minutes for the discussions.




Note to facilitator

There is a wide range of discussions that follow the viewing of this video: contemporary spoken art by Aboriginals, the realities of women, oral transmission, etc. This activity showcases the humorous and moving side of stories. The activity can introduce other discussions on intercultural knowledge.

At the end of this activity, the facilitator should observe the following with regards to the participants:

  • A better knowledge of this contemporary art form among the First Peoples;
  • The recognition of similarities within our customs.


Steps and Procedure


Present the story L’ouverte :

Description of the video:

Patrick Courtois, an Ilnu native of Mashteuiatsh at Lac Saint-Jean, has this special spark as a storyteller enchanted by his own history and the tales of his land. He offers the present moment with ease, in all its wealth and splendor. Inspired by his village’s popular beliefs, laced with unbelievable truths and lined with absurdities, Patrick's stories stem from reality, as crazy as they may become during storytelling.

Patrick draws inspiration from traditional forms of expression with a hint of contemporary Innu humor to convey his culture and community.



Examples of settings

Introduction to the exhibition’s visit Introduction to discussions regarding missing or forgotten women (various response groups, adult school, Cegep and University)

There was a purpose (of legends) in the past which is different from the purpose of today. Education was the legend’s purpose, they were more than just playful to distract or put the children to sleep. In fact, children needed to stay awake, they had to learn. It was a way to educate, I often say it's a different school. It was a way of conveying values and knowledge. These are enriching teachings. There was this moral lesson as a teaching value. We would like to pass on these values in our schools.

Nicole O’Bomsawin, Waban-Aki (Abenaki)