Holy Women


Closing activity. Creation of an artistic artwork in connection with Aboriginal women, an artwork from the exhibition, a video, or following the discussions. With elements from nature collected by the participant (leaf, grass, flower, bark, stone, etc.)


  • To offer a space for artistic creation and personal expression.
  • Pay tribute to women.


Target Audience

Ages 15-99.


1 h


Glue, cardboard, scissors, colouring crayons or paint.


Note to facilitator

You can ask the participants to use everything they can find which they believe may represent women, to build a representation and a story related to either a character, an anecdote or a memory. Afterwards, you can ask the creators to present their artwork and explain the meaning.

At the end of this workshop, the facilitator should observe the following among the participants:

  • Competency development in creation with elements of nature;
  • The ability to make connections between creation, nature and women, in view of paying them tribute.


Steps and Procedure


Present the following video:

AKIENDA LAINÉ (filmmaker)
Missing Women, 2017
Produced by La Boîte Rouge VIF
Video of 9 min 36 s

Vox pop with First Nations, about gender relations and the issue of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.


Tribute to the Contribution of Aboriginal Women to Cultural Transmission, 2017
Produced by La Boîte Rouge VIF
Video of 6 min 54 s.




Circulate the photograph of the artwork Sculpture-Clothing of Sylvie Bernard and The one on the artworks of Diane Robertson.


Then, the participants must, go outside to collect the main materialsthat will be used to create their artwork (leaf, branch, grass, stone, flower, etc.)


And start the creation process, in view of paying tribute to women.


Examples of settings

All response groups. Women’s centers. Native Friendship Center. Art Class.